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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is here..

                                          13' Acura TL w/50% Llumar
                                         I never liked 50%(too light) but this one I kinda like it!!

                                          13' Tesla(never heard it till I saw&worked on it today:)
                                           w/35% rear only



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  3. I'm drooling over the car in your bottom two pictures. I really like the darker windows in the back. I don't like feeling like a fish in a bowl while I'm driving.

  4. Some cars are choosing tint with logo pattern.Logos and special designs will also cause its own toll. You can pick out from the package that they are providing to their clients.

  5. This tinted auto glass looks great. I discovered a small crack in my car window and I would like to have it repaired. I'm worried that if I wait, it will get worse.

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  6. These are some great pictures of the tinting job. It is true that with the warmer seasons comes a greater potential need for window tinting. I need to wear sunglasses a lot because I have light sensitive eyes. Maybe getting the windows tinted on my car would help me be able to see better during the sunny times.

  7. My car window got smashed out the other night and I need a replacement asap. I've never had to replace a window before so I'm not sure what I need to look for or how to go about doing it. This gave me some awesome insights though and I hope to find a service soon.



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